Duluth Edison Charter Schools in partnership with Voyageur Company strive to provide a safe ride to and from school for all students. To do this we depend on the partnership between the school, parents, students, and the bus company.

Through a contract with the Voyageur Busing Company, we provide transportation for our students to both our Raleigh and North Star sites within the boundaries of local school district ISD 709.  

To help facilitate the most effective transportation options for students, we set the transportation boundaries between Raleigh Academy and North Star Academy.  

Exceptions to these boundaries can be requested via the Head of School.

When a student enrolls at our schools, you have the opportunity to request transportation for your student or a change in transportation by submitting the appropriate forms found below, or on the sidebar to the left.


Our full transportation policy and policy related to security cameras on buses can be found at the links below, or on the sidebar to the left.

DECS Transportation Policy

Security Cameras on School Grounds, Property or School Buses

School Bus Rules

TRANSPORTATION is a service and a privilege provided to eligible students in the school system.  All district and building discipline policies apply to student behavior during transportation to and from school and all school-sponsored activities.  Transportation personnel will forward all bus conduct reports to the Transportation office and to the building Dean of Students. 

Riding the bus to school is a privilege, not a right. MN 121a.59 states “Transportation by school bus is a privilege, not a right for an eligible student. A student’s eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked for a violation of school bus safety or conduct policies, or for violation of any other law governing student conduct on a school bus, pursuant to written school discipline policy.”

Be Safe

Stay in your seat

Be Kind/Respectful

Help others in any way you can.

Be honest in all you do or say.

Show respect for yourself and others.

Follow bus drivers rules

Be Responsible

Be to the bus stop on time

Work hard in school and allow others to do the same.

Respect and care for the bus and everything and everyone in it.

Food, pop, and candy are not allowed on the bus

                Make this school a better place because you are in it.