Duluth Edison Charter Schools Climate and Culture

School Wide Interventions

School Wide Expectations K-8

Caregivers Guide to PBIS
Be Safe: Follow rules and direction, and make safe decisions based on the school setting.
Be Kind: Listen and respond in a kind way, respectful to self, others, and property, and express emotions respectfully.
Be Responsible: Come to school prepared, show effort, participate in class, and complete their work.

Duluth Edison PBIS School Wide Expectations Playbook

Core Values K-8

Respect: A mindful way for treating something or someone the way you would like to be treated.
Responsibility: The ability to do what is expected, being worthy of trust and doing your job.
Compassion: Kind, caring, love, with a willingness to help others.
Wisdom: Combination of experience, knowledge to know what is true and right.
Justice: Being just or fair.
Integrity: Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Doing things in a reliable way. Telling the truth by being honest.
Courage: To be bold, brave, and unafraid to face tough challenges.
Hope: To wish, want, or strive for something to happen.

Restorative Justice in Education K-8 

Building Community/Relationships – All classrooms start their day with a morning community-building circle.  This allows all students to be included and share, building relationships, connections, and trust, and establishing a classroom community.
Repairing Harm – We teach students that mistakes happen and are a part of the learning process.  When a mistake happens and harm is caused, we believe that is a teachable moment instead of a time to punish.  We teach students to own their mistake and do the work to fix it and repair any harm that was caused; teaching students to be accountable to their community for their actions or choices.
RJE Family Flyer

Second Step Social, Emotional Learning curriculum K-5

RULER Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum 6-8

RULER is an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) that all students and staff grades 6-8 receive training and instruction on through their homebase. 

RULER is an acronym for teaching students that our emotions matter: 
R-recognizing emotions
U-understanding emotions
L-labeling emotions
E-expressing emotions
R-regulating emotions

Unit 1 centers around lessons to build a charter, a set of expectations that students want to set to help their classroom feel safe and like a place where students can learn and thrive. 

Unit 2 students learn about the Mood Meter, a tool used to help identify our emotions and track our emotions over time and across different settings. 

Unit 3 focuses on the Meta-Moment, which is a tool that guides students to take a moment to stop and think about how we want to respond before responding to an emotion. 

Unit 4 introduces and explores the tool Blueprint, which we use to help us reflect and problem solve through conflict by first considering others’ perspectives and then working to express and listen to others’ perspectives.

First Witness: Safe and Strong K-5

First Witness is a child advocacy center located in Duluth that works with the students and staff at our buildings. – https://firstwitness.org/
Safe and Strong Parent Overview.docx
Body Safety Workbooks
K-1 Workbook.pdf
2-3 Workbook.pdf
4-5 Workbook.pdf

Anti-Vaping Curriculum, Grade 5-8