As we work to address the whole child through creative enrichment opportunities, DECS is proud to offer an array of specialist subjects. 

North Star Specialist Offerings 

  • Outdoor Science:   Students grades K-4, and many 5-8 students enjoy outdoor science class every other day.  A variety of science standards are covered as students explore and learn to appreciate our great outdoors.
  • Physical Education & Health:   Students in grades K-8 have physical education class every other day. Through physical activities, fitness, and health lessons, we encourage the development of lifelong health and wellness skills.
  • Music:   In grades K-4 students experience music through song, play, instruments, movement, creating, reading, notating, and listening. In grades 5-8 students have the opportunity to build on this music foundation with choices of choir, band, drumming, ukulele, music appreciation, or musical theatre. All students learn the elements of music while connecting to style, culture, and other disciplines.
  • Visual Arts:   Students in grades K-8 have art every other day.  We encourage students to use a variety of creative tools and materials to express themselves through ideas and art concepts. 5-8 students also have other opportunities such as photography, animation, and media arts.
  • Languages:   Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to take classes in American Sign Language or Spanish every other day. Students work on skills needed to obtain language acquisition — reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 
  • Community Service Learning: Students in grades 5-8 can take a course focused on building community, connection, and creativity within the building.